May 30–31, 2018 • Fairbanks, AK

Gwen Holdmann

Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Gwen Holdmann

Director, Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Gwen Holdmann is the Director of the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP), which is an applied energy research program based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks focusing on both fossil and renewable/alternative energy technologies.

ACEP’s mission is to develop and disseminate practical, cost-effective, and innovative energy solutions for Alaska and other regions with similar energy struggles. As Director of ACEP, Gwen spearheaded the creation of several programs within the organization to help it accomplish its goals. These programs vary in purpose and scope and have allowed ACEP to delve into research specialties such as hydrokinetics, power systems integration with a focus on microgrids, development of innovative data collection techniques, and creation of economic analysis for a variety energy related purposes.

Prior to joining the University of Alaska, Gwen served as the Vice President of New Development at Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks. While at Chena, Gwen oversaw the construction of the first geothermal power plant in the state, in addition to numerous other innovative energy projects ranging from hydrogen production to cooling a 10,000ft2 ice museum year-round using 150°F hot water.

Gwen has been the recipient of several awards throughout her career, including an R&D 100 award, Project of the Year from Power Engineering Magazine, the Alaska Top 40 Under 40 Award.