May 30–31, 2018 • Fairbanks, AK

Dane Boysen

CEO and founder, Modular Chemical

Dr. Boysen is an entrepreneur, scientist, and thought leader in the energy technology space. In 2017, Boysen moved back to Alaska to found Modular Chemical Inc. that is developing technology for treating sour gas from oil and gas operations.

Prior to this, he worked mentoring hard-tech innovators through critical technology and commercialization challenges as Chief Scientist at Cyclotron Road—a lab-embedded mentorship program at Berkeley Lab.

Boysen also served as the Executive Director for Research Operations at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) where he led an initiative to develop small-scale, modular solutions for monetizing flared and stranded natural gas and as a Program Director at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) where he managed over $100 million spread 34 of the nation’s most cutting-edge energy technology R&D projects.

Before joining ARPA-E, Boysen led an $11 million R&D project to develop liquid metal batteries for grid-scale energy storage at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2005, Boysen co-founded the venture capital-backed company Superprotonic Inc. to commercialize his pioneering in work solid acid-based fuel cells.

Boysen received his Doctorate (2004) in Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology, holds 7 U.S. patents, and published over 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals.