May 30–31, 2018 • Fairbanks, AK

Brent Sheets

Acting Director, Petroleum Development Laboratory, UAF Institute of Northern Engineering

Wise extraction and utilization of all of our rich fossil resources is Brent’s passion. Brent Sheets has been Acting Director of UAF’s Petroleum Development Laboratory (PDL) since December 2016. He hopes to help the University to better serve Alaska’s fossil energy industry by making available to the extraction industry, utilities, and mines, the tremendous expertise and research assets that exist within our state’s academic institutions. Brent is working with industry representatives and researchers across the University system to unite disciplines so that UA can better serve the oil industry’s research needs. Current projects include coal gasification to make syngas that will fuel a 10 MWe diesel engine for one-half of the cost of diesel fuel, and demonstration of new technology for enabling North Slope viscous oil production.

Prior to joining the Petroleum Development Lab, Brent was Deputy Director of the UAF’s Alaska Center for Energy and Power until 2016. Brent moved to Alaska in 2001 as the inaugural Manager of the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Arctic Energy Office. The Arctic Energy Office promotes research relating to development of Alaska’s oil, natural gas, and coal resources for the benefit of the nation, and to address the State’s unique energy needs.

Prior to moving to Alaska in 2001, Brent lived in Washington DC and held various positions within the U.S. Department of Energy. He started out as an energy economist; became the Business Manager for the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves where he managed day-to-day business operations, including the sale and transportation of 100,000+ barrels per day of crude oil and associated natural gas; and ended his HQ career as Deputy Budget Director for the nearly $1 billion Fossil Energy program.