May 30–31, 2018 • Fairbanks, AK

Agenda & Tours

Last updated May 23, 2018

Download Program (PDF)


Download Program (PDF)

3-5 p.m.UAF Arctic research open house. Walk between these 11 facilities to learn about current projects and meet scientists in climate science, geosciences, natural resources and engineering. Download details and map

  • Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
  • Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration
  • Alaska Earthquake Center
  • Alaska Satellite Facility
  • Alaska Sea Grant
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory
  • College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
  • Institute of Arctic Biology-Toolik Field Station
  • Institute of Northern Engineering
  • International Arctic Research Center
  • Wilson Alaska Technical Center

6 p.m. — TED-style talks, "Microgrids in Alaska for America," in the Schaible Auditorium.

The Permafrost Tunnel provides a look back in time, allowing for research into the frozen ground of interior Alaska. (Photo: NASA/Kate Ramsayer)

Post-event tours

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Thursday, May 31

Alaska Energy Systems  — Visit UAF's combined heat and power plant, the Power Systems Integration laboratory for microgrid research and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center to gain insights into the diverse energy systems of Alaska via facility tours and discussions with subject-matter experts. (6 min / 28 max)

Evidence of Climate Change — Tour the Fairbanks area to see impacts of a changing climate on permafrost, infrastructure and the ecosystem. See the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permafrost tunnel to learn about mechanics of permafrost and stop by the trans-Alaska oil pipeline viewing station. (6 min / 36 max)

The fiery tail of a Terrier-Orion rocket draws a line in the sky near Fairbanks, Alaska, where the Poker Flat Research Range has supported studies of the aurora for 40 years. (Photo: Tim Wright/Air & Space)

Friday, June 1

Poker Flat Research Range site visit — Travel via passenger van for a narrated trip 30 miles northeast of Fairbanks to UAF’s Poker Flat Research Range, the only high-latitude rocket range in the United States. Tour includes lunch at PFRR and stop en route to visit the trans-Alaska oil pipeline viewing station. Learn more at the Poker Flat website. ($75, 6 min / 14 max)

Chena Hot Springs Resort — Drive 60 miles to Chena Hot Springs to see its microgrid with the lowest-temperature commercial geothermal power plant in the world (400 kW) and the only year-round operating greenhouse in Interior Alaska. Chena Hot Springs’ Aurora Ice Museum is cooled via hot water using an absorption refrigeration system. Have a drink in an ice-carved glass before taking a dip in the hot springs. Register separately at the Chena Hot Springs website.

Multi-day tour

JUNE 1-3: Toolik Field Station and Prudhoe Bay site visits — This is an opportunity to see the Arctic up close and personal. Travel by motor coach up the Dalton Highway and stop by the Toolik Field Station, a premier Arctic research laboratory and science support facility with a capacity of over 100 users. Current research themes and funding levels are very dynamic and responsive to national interests in the Arctic. Learn more at the Toolik Field Station website.

From here, travel for an overnight stay in Prudhoe Bay and a tour of Alaska’s largest oil fields. En route you’ll repeatedly intersect the path of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, carrying crude oil 800 miles from Prudhoe Bay south to the tanker terminals in Valdez. After your tour, you’ll return to Fairbanks via return via charter airplane (commercial airline available but may incur additional travel time and cost$1160, 7 min / 21 max).
Registration deadline: May 11

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